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Rose Speech Therapy provides speech, language, and feeding therapy. All services are provided in your home or via teletherapy. See below for common parent-reported concerns.


My child is difficult to understand.

My child has difficulty producing specific sounds. 

My child expresses frustration when they are misunderstood. 

Other people look to me to interpret my child's speech.

My child stutters.


​My child does not eat enough.

My child has difficulty chewing solid foods.

My child has difficulty drinking from straw or open cup.

I need support weaning my child off tube feedings. 

My child only eats a few foods.


My child isn’t talking. 

My child uses fewer words and sentences than I expect. 

My child uses general, rather than specific, vocabulary. 

My child has difficulty learning new concepts. 

I want to explore technology (AAC) to support my child's communication skills. 

Rose Buds

Rose Buds is a small group meet-up for children (and parents!) to build friendships. Each session includes shared story reading, a structured group activity, and time for unstructured play. Rose Buds is available for children of all ages and abilities. Interested in Rose Buds?

Check EVENTS for details on our next meet-up!

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