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Frequently Asked Questions 

1. Where do you provide services?

Services are most often provided in your home. Rose Speech Therapy is based in Hilliard and in-home therapy is available within a 15-minute drive. Please call or email to verify that your home is within the service area. 

2. What can I do if I live outside the service area? 

Contact Lauren to discuss other places to meet within the service area. Lauren may be able to meet you and your child at local parks, libraries, and community centers. Alternatively, Lauren can direct you to an SLP closer to your home. Columbus is lucky to have a wonderful community of pediatric SLPs!   

3. Do you provide virtual therapy?

Yes! Virtual therapy is available throughout Ohio. 

4. Can you travel to my child's daycare or preschool for speech therapy?


5. Do you accept insurance or county funding?

No. Rose Speech Therapy does not currently accept insurance or county funding. 

6. Any ideas to help with funding speech therapy? 

Rose Speech Therapy accepts HSA/FSA payments. Additionally, families are encouraged to explore grants available through foundations and local organizations.

Speech-language therapy grants: The Orange Effect Foundation, Small Steps in Speech, United Healthcare Children's Foundation, Cerner Charitable Foundation


Feeding therapy grants: Feeding Matters 

Does your child have an IEP? Check out Learning Aid Ohio for additional funding

7. Do you provide speech and language screenings? 

Yes! Rose Speech Therapy offers speech and language screenings at local daycares, preschools, and libraries. 

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