Speech, language, and feeding therapy
to help your child bloom

Rose Speech Therapy is a small private practice serving children in Columbus, Ohio. Services are provided in your home or via teletherapy. 


We understand that successful speech therapy is dependent on cultivating a thoughtful relationship with each child that we meet. At Rose Speech Therapy, we grow relationships based on trust, respect, and shared enjoyment. We embrace neurodiversity and focus on a strengths-based approach to therapy. With this strong foundation, we work hard as a team to build new communication and feeding skills. Along the way, let's cheer, dance, jump for joy, spin in circles, and high-five to celebrate growth!

Hi, I'm Lauren! 

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I’m a pediatric speech-language pathologist (SLP) and the owner of Rose Speech Therapy. I’m passionate about providing high-quality, family-centered care. At Rose Speech Therapy, I intentionally take on a small caseload because I value time spent planning individual sessions, communicating with families, and engaging in continued education experiences.

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Speech therapy with Lauren

Lauren uses purposeful play and meaningful activities to engage children in motivating learning opportunities. 


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Rose Buds

How it works


Call or e-mail to schedule a free phone consultation with Lauren. Discuss your concerns with a pediatric SLP and determine if the needs of your child and family align with Lauren's expertise.


Schedule an appointment at your home in the Columbus area to complete a comprehensive evaluation of your child’s communication or feeding skills. Has your child been evaluated by an SLP in the last 6 months? Share your report and skip this step.


Lauren shares the evaluation report and discusses recommendations for your speech or feeding therapy treatment plan. Recommendations include: duration, frequency, goals, and when applicable, referrals to other professionals.


Work together on your goals throughout recurring therapy appointments.

Celebrate growth as your child learns new speech, language, and feeding skills!